Quarter 4, 2019
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Wolfram Language at Work and Play
Traversing Trump Tweets with Machine Learning
By Marco Thiel
Explore the people, places and ideas in the US President's Twitter feed, using text analytics, classifiers and a variety of visualizations to discover what topics are most commonly discussed.
From around the Wolfram Community
Data Science: Computational Notebooks
Wolfram + Jupyter: A Data Science Mashup
By Seth Chandler
A quick tutorial for connecting your Jupyter environment to a Wolfram Engine for advanced analysis and visualization.
Modeling & Simulation: Signal Processing
Filtering Frequencies on an Arduino Nano
By Suba Thomas
Deploying digital and analog bandpass filters directly to an Arduino Nano for real-time signal analysis using the new Microcontroller Kit.
Data Science: Graph Visualization
Visualizing Data with Chord Diagrams
By George Varnavides
Easily interpret graph relationships with these colorful chord diagrams—now available as a function in the Wolfram Function Repository!
The Inside Scoop
Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition
Combine the best of both Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica into a single, unified tool perfect for teaching and learning. Learn the basics of using Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition and get hands-on training by attending the live Hands-on Start to Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition tutorials.
Now Available: Free Wolfram Engine for Developers
A locally downloadable Wolfram Engine to put computational intelligence into your applications.
New in Wolfram Language 12 Weekly Webinars
Chemistry, Molecular Visualization:
October 9
Microcontrollers, Unity Game Engine:
October 16
Interacting with Blockchains:
October 23
Register Now: Wolfram Technology Conference
Join us October 28–31 in Champaign, IL, for networking, practical training and presentations. Sign up soon—space is limited!
New Comprehensive Interactive Course: Introduction to Notebooks
Learn how to use the Wolfram Notebook environment for computation, programming, generating reports and creating presentations in this free online interactive course.
New from Stephen Wolfram
Adventures of a Computational Explorer follows the work of Stephen Wolfram, from Hollywood science consulting to AI ethics and beyond—available for preorder on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble now and wherever books are sold on October 16.
Wolfram Function Sprint
Add your functions to the Wolfram Function Repository between September 27 and October 13 to compete for Most Functions Published, Best Debut and other awards.
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Find Wolfram developers and technology experts to help with your latest business venture and keep posted on the latest industry opportunities involving Wolfram technologies.
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