Quarter 3, 2019
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Wolfram Language at Work and Play
How Far Can You Drive in Five Minutes?
By William Rudman
Generate more realistic coverage maps for ambulances and other time-sensitive services with isochrones—using computed travel time rather than Euclidean distance.
From around the Wolfram Community
Education & Research: Linguistic Analysis
Finding Poetic Meter with Pattern Matching
By Mark Greenberg
Find out whether a poem is in duple or triple meter with this syllable-splitting text analysis function that uses built-in linguistic data.
Education & Research: Geometry
Computed Conjectures: Famous Polygon Proofs
By Kotaro Okazaki
Utilize the Wolfram Language's new synthetic geometry framework to visualize proofs for theorems from Brahmagupta to Thales.
Recreation: Fun Visualizations
Knitting Digital Tapestries with Integral Transforms
By Henrik Schachner
This artistic restyling method uses Radon transforms to create an image by "stitching" together straight lines.
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