Quarter 2, 2019
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Geologic Brexit: Losing an Ancient Land Bridge
By Jeff Bryant
Has the UK always been an island, or was it once a part of Europe? Find out in this video showing a 500,000-year history of seawater levels around Europe and the UK, created using expert ice-sheet models and built-in relief mapping.
From around the Wolfram Community
Data Science: Machine Learning
Forging Letters to Aid Transcription
By Vitaliy Kaurov
Generating training sets for unsupervised OCR using image transformations and feature extraction on standard typeset characters.
Education & Research: Topology
The Twisted Properties of 2D Characters
By Shenghui Yang
Explore the strange behavior of a non-orientable Möbius band with these 3D animations featuring popular cartoon animals.
Recreation: Fun Visualizations
Visualizing Music with Digital Signal Processing
By Patrick Scheibe
Create your own colorful music visualizer in fewer than ten lines of code with audio and image processing.
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