Quarter 1, 2019
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Clear for Landing: InSight on the Martian Surface
By Jeff Bryant
What kind of terrain makes for a great planetary landing site? This post maps and explores the 3D surface of the red planet to examine the proposed location of NASA's recent InSight landing.
From around the Wolfram Community
Education & Research: Geographic Computation
Digital Diving for Ancient Shipwrecks
By Vitaliy Kaurov
Estimating the location of the world's oldest intact shipwreck using geodetic data and geometric optimization.
Modeling & Simulation: Chemical Engineering
Equations to Animations: A Complete FEM Model in One Notebook
By Tim Laska
Implementing an advanced gas absorption model that uses dimensional analysis and finite element meshes to visualize concentration jump conditions.
Data Science: Financial Computation
Taking Stock: E-Trading with APIs
By Jonathan Kinlay
Interactively analyze markets and execute trades with MATH-TWS, a custom Wolfram Language package for interfacing with Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation API.
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