Quarter 4, 2018
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Neat ideas from your Wolfram Community
Citizen Data Science: Preventing Infrastructure Collapse
By Marco Thiel
How can deadly disasters like the Genoa bridge collapse be prevented? This in-depth case study combines government datasets from Germany with built-in geographic computation and satellite images to examine the overall state of German bridges.
From around the Wolfram Community
Modeling & Simulation: Robotics
Heat of the Moment: Robot Temps in Real Time
By Anmol Singh
Instantly analyzing and visualizing Arduino sensor temperatures with a Bluetooth-based Wolfram Language interface.
Data Science: Statistical Analysis
From Query to Quantile: Simplifying Statistical Analytics
By Anton Antonov
Making quantile regression workflows easy with monadic programming and Wolfram Language package development.
Education & Research: Literary Analysis
AB, or Not AB? Analyzing Shakespearean Sonnets
By Thales Fernandes
Ten lines of Wolfram Language code or less to show how Shakespeare's classic rhymes progress.
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