Quarter 3, 2018
Wolfram Community Insider
Neat ideas from your Wolfram Community
Shape-Shifting in 3D: Ambiguous Cylinders and Rings
Erik Mahieu
Circle, square or both? Explore the optical trick behind the Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion, complete with a 3D-printable result.
From around the Wolfram Community
Data Science: Predictive Analytics
Goals for the Season: Predicting World Cup Results
Francisco Rodríguez
Kick off the World Cup semifinals with a match simulator using symbolic distributions and FIFA rankings.
Education & Research: Audio Computation
Perfect Pitch: Yanny or Laurel?
Carl Lange
How to get the last word on this audio clip controversy with spectrograms, speech synthesis and deep neural nets.
Machine Learning: Neural Networks
Identifying Stem Cells with Deep Neural Nets
Ali Hashmi
Where classic image processing fails, Wolfram neural nets shine in this real-world biophysics application.
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