Quarter 2, 2018
Wolfram Community Insider
Neat ideas from your Wolfram Community
Ring around the Gas Giant:
A Saturn Flyby
Jeff Bryant
From math to model to movie in 20 lines of code, fly past the ringed planet in this hi-res simulation created entirely in the Wolfram Language.
From around the Wolfram Community
Machine Learning: Computer Vision
Crown Yourself with a
10-Line Snapchat Filter
Tuseeta Banerjee
Hats off to these real-time image filters made with built-in computer vision and deep neural networks.
Data Science: Bioinformatics
Web of Life: Visualizing Genome Sequence Counts
Michael Hale
Generate and explore data-rich graph plots to learn how much of a species' genome we've mapped.
Education & Research: Mathematical Modeling
Art of Computation: Shaping Up Your Word Clouds
Michael Trott
A picture's worth a thousand words—and they'll fill the picture perfectly with this word cloud optimization.
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