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Quarter 1, 2018
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The Voters Have Spoken—But What Did They Say?
Marco Thiel
"Can mathematics and the Wolfram Language help to better understand this crucial part of the most fundamental decision making process in societies?"
From around the Wolfram Community
Semantic Image Segmentation Neural Network in Wolfram Language
Tuseeta Banerjee
A step-by-step approach using the Wolfram Language to build, train and test a neural network for image segmentation.
Mandelzoom One-Liner
Mike Sollami
Zoom through this colorful visualization of the Mandelbrot set—created using just one line of Wolfram Language code.
Coffee Optimization, How to Get Your Cup of Joe Just Right
Patrik Ekenberg
How do you take it? Use Wolfram SystemModeler to get the optimal temperature when adding milk to your coffee.
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